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Pish Talk: Four Lions and a Couple of Oddbods

Due to a few hefty “sessions” over New Year, I was no good to man nor beast for the Four Lions rundown. Now, rather than go over previous points and old ground better tread by others, I shall attempt to … Continue reading

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Pish Talk: Four and a Half Lions

David: I don’t intend to make a habit of writing posts to respond to stray comments, but we’re a relatively new site, short on content, so I figure what the hell!  Here’s what someone who calls themselves moviegeek said in … Continue reading

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Lobby Talk: Four Lions

Scott: It’s called the “bunch of guys theory,” and it’s what we show in “Four Lions.”  The dynamics of a small group of blokes who are forming a rather intense plan.  Wherever it is, you will find funny stories, including … Continue reading

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Script Rehearsal: Four Lions

The Power of Nightmares, part 1 – Baby It’s Cold Outside: (Parts 2 and 3 of Adam Curtis’ documentary are also available online.) Chris Morris, introducing Four Lions at the Bradford International Film Festival: Honestly people who go, “My job … Continue reading

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Screening Notes: Four Lions

Four Lions was screened as part of a double bill with Repo Man, which we wrote about here. I’d previously said that we’d write about Four Lions “in mid-December”. From this you may surmise that I have either very poor … Continue reading

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