Screening Notes: Blood Simple

  • Blood Simple was watched on a suitably glum night in the Badlands of the Bar-G. Neither Scott nor David had previously seen the movie before, though David did borrow Kenny’s VHS of the movie for about two years once.
  • David was just recovering from the dreaded Xmas lurgy at the time; Scott started to properly come down with it that very night.
  • Scott’s cough got pretty damned impressive as the night wore on. Honestly, I’d have applauded if I wasn’t worried about his health!
  • Time to face facts, then: most everyone else who was invited to contribute to this blog has politely pulled out by now. Lynne contributed a killer post on Four Lions, and we hope to host some more of her Honey Monster themed thoughts soon, but Graeme’s moved to Nottingham, Vicki’s hoping to follow him, and Chris, Kenny and Karen will be occasional contributors at best.
  • Basically, we’re in this together now Scott. Which is totally cool, but, you know, let’s try to pretend like there’s some actual drama here.  Cue the soundtrack:
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