Screening Notes: Blade Runner – Final Cut

  • The screening was held in the badlands of the Bar-G, on the damp and unremarkable evening of Friday 8th October 2010.
  • Scott, Vicki and David attended; everyone else had something better to do or was stuck at work (sorry Graeme!).
  • Scott had seen the Directors Cut and Final Cut of Blade Runner prior to this screening, but found himself noticing the differences a lot more this time.
  • David had seen both the Directors Cut and the Theatrical Cut before, but had not seen the Final Cut.
  • Vicki had not previously seen any version of the film.
  • David’s phone went off three times, causing a break to the overall flow of the film that hopefully allowed for some decent conversation.
  • Vicki worked on some embroidery throughout the screening, but this did not seem to impact her understanding of the film and its workings.
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